Adam & Collin Pearce

The 4096 Ends of MSI

With 12 games left, there are 212, or 4096 different ways group play can end at the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. Three colors are used on the 4096 small squares to represent possible ends for a team in group stage- green for advancement, orange for tiebreaker, and red for elimination.

There are 6 grids below, one for each team in the group stage - IG, G2, SKT, TL, FW, PVB. Each grid is divided into 16, representing the 4 games the hovered team plays. Notice that in most cases, there is variance within these divisions, indicating that results from games outside of the control of the hovered team could determine if they advance or not.

Click a match on the left to see which advancement scenarios will still be possible after the game. The bars below each show how the result impacts the hovered team’s advancement scenarios; SKT fans should cheer for IG in their game against TL to improve their team's chance of advancement.

Click directly on a square to select the matches that lead to that specific outcome, and click on more to select the matches that lead to all the outcomes you picked. To reset the grids, click on any already selected square